Does That Tree Need to Go?

Does That Tree Need to Go?

Our tree removal company based in Cartersville, GA can help

That tree has been leaning dangerously close to your house for a while now. Fortunately, Radford Tree Service can remove the tree before it falls. Our tree removal company cuts down hazardous, broken and dead trees in Cartersville, GA. We also remove trees for construction and development projects.

If you're not sure you should remove your tree, you can look for some signs of severe problems. Check your tree for:

  • Large holes
  • Spongy areas
  • Fungal growths
  • Invading insects
  • Discolored spots

If you find these signs of decay or disease, call 404-694-9378 right away. Our tree removal company will send a team to cut and haul away your tree. We're available around the clock for emergencies.

Don't let an eyesore remain on your property

If your tree has fallen or been cut down, you're likely left with an ugly tree stump. You'll need stump removal and stump grinding services to be rid of it. Stump grinding services consist of removing the stump parts above ground level, while stump removal includes the roots below ground. To arrange for our services, reach out to a stump removal professional today.